The Conventional Wisdom of Social Marketing

August 31, 2010

I overheard this partial exchange while running alongside two complete strangers in a community road race yesterday:

Woman 1: “I want to set up my blog around the topic of psoriasis. That’s a lot of people. Then I can link from there over to my products…”

Woman 2: “Sounds great!”

The basic formula for social marketing is no secret anymore.

Everyday business-people and the individual entrepreneur are “getting it”, when it comes to connecting with customers in social channels. This person – and I have no idea what she was selling – understands her audience’s Conversation Zone, and was seeking to go there and meet her market in that very broad, conversationally-interesting space.

I’ve posted previously about the Conversation Zone, and gave some examples about how some businesses have found theirs. Do you know of a business that’s finding a great conversation zone for its customers?


3 Responses to “The Conventional Wisdom of Social Marketing”

  1. Mister Reiner Says:

    Interesting. I think mainstream media still has control of the conversation zone that applies to my topic and target audience, so my ability to interject something into the discussion is limited by mainstream media’s willingness to provide equal time to opposing viewpoints. It’s no secret that mainstream media has issues with bloggers, especially when it comes to challenging the establishment or status quo. What doesn’t help the situation, is that certain special interest groups are promoting their agenda through the media and the media is more than happy to support their efforts so that the media can have content to publish!

    Any thoughts? Thanks

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